What is the advantage of HelloCash service?

HelloCash allows you to perform financial transactions using your mobile phone at any time.
It is Fast,Safe, works 24/7, minimize risk and Convenient way to access your HelloCash Account.

What is the Charge to Open a HelloCash Account?

Customers are able to open a HelloCash account Free of Charge!!!

What Do you I need to Open a HelloCash Account?

Any individual who is fulfils the requirements of the bank is allowed to open a mobile account  The requirements are:
  • 18 yrs old and above ;
  • having a mobile phone number;
  • having two identical passport size photos

How can I Deposit money in to my HelloCash Account?

In order to deposit money in your Bank-HelloCash accounts please follow the following procedures
  • Go to your nearest bank or agent that provides HelloCash service.
  • Fill out a " deposit form” and give it with ID to the teller/agent
  • The teller or the agent will process it for you;
  • After that your cash will be deposited in your HelloCash account
  • Please remember to Have your Valid While visiting bank or Agent

How Can I transfer Money to another Person?

In order to transfer money from your HelloCash accounts please follow the following procedures
  • First you have to be a HelloCash user than call HelloCash shortcode number and follow the instructions.
  • Select 3 in the option for sending money
  • Enter the mobile number you want to send to
  • Enter the amount of money you want to send followed by the pound key
  • HelloCash system calls you back for confirmation then ;
  • You will enter your pin
  • confirmation SMS will be sent to both sender and receiver

How can I Withdraw my money from my HelloCash Account?

You can Withdraw your  money at any of the HelloCash providing Bank branchs or Authorized agents with the HelloCash logo.
Make sure you have your mobile phone and valid ID to make a Withdrawal.